Camargo Guarnieri: Chôros, Vol 1

We’ve got bogged down a little with this: it’s so engrossing we’ve played it on repeat instead of getting on with other reviews. Guarnieri was born Mozart Camargo Guarnieri in 1907, and his dad was an Italian immigrant and music lover. He not only named his sons after great composers (Mozart, Verdi, Rossine and Belline, […]

Eleanor Hodgkinson: Nino Rota, Complete Solo Piano Works, Vol. 1

You all know the music of Nino Rota — he wrote scores for films such as The Godfather; the famous main theme from that, Speak Softly, Love is his. He also wrote the music for 150 other films. His day job was director of the Conservatorio di Musica Niccolò Piccinni in Bari and he also […]

Peter Sheppard Skaerved: Telemann: The Great Violins, Vol. 1

This rather lovely and delicate new album is from Divine Art and is the first instalment of an ambitious new project, to record baroque works on some of the world’s most historic instruments. For volume one, Peter Sheppard Skaerved is playing a 1570 Amati, already 150 years old when Telemann wrote his 12 fantasies for […]