Shammi: Pithi Cosmic

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Pithi is Anglo Indian and has been exposed to lots of different music, from the classical of both countries to hip hop and RnB.

As the title suggests, Pithi’s music is aimed at people who want a little peace and calm while they commune with nature, pondering the thought that they don’t actually exist and are merely a collection of responses to external stimuli. According to one interview, he aims for a musical experience that incorporates narrative, mood and stance in a cinematic experience.

Imagine those rather dull “New Age” CDs you hear in garden centres and shops that think silicon / oxygen tetrahedra can help you improve your life: Pithi takes those as his starting point but then adds actual music from different genres to make it more interesting. It’s a bit Gordon Giltrap in places.

Opener Nothing Else opens with flute (Pithi is a flautist) and a very slow drum n bass rhythm in the background. It’s pleasant, with lots of swelling strings.

There’s more flute on Discovery and Pursuit of Happiness, though the latter opens with piano and is the first track with vocals; it’s a bit RnB. Perhaps not one to meditate to, but it will certainly chill you out.

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