Underhill Rose: The Great Tomorrow

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This is not a ground-breaking album or anything new but it’s appealing and while it sounds modern they have a traditional sound too, with banjo, fiddle and pedal steel in there. It’s more to the folk side of country than the rock.

Having said that, opener Our Time Is Done is the full band playing and it has a feel of Fleetwood Mac thanks to its riff, and the pedal steel sits well in the song. We played this first at the end of a long day, and as we pressed “play” we thought we weren’t in the mood for country, but it was so appealing it stayed on. It’s got a refreshing sound.

Track two When I Die is more of the same, the kind of mournful folky tune that Mac do so well. Whispering Pines Motel introduces a bluesy feel, while Montana changes the mood and leaves the delta for the mountains, all banjo, violin and guitar, and sitting on the front porch.

The lyrics are good, telling simple stories that mean something. We liked Shine, which is about the moon variety and how a spot of illegality helps out when times are hard: “When times are lean in the family/Bills to pay, all of us to feed/Grandpa does what he can do”….. “His recipe tastes so sweet/Not long, you’ll be off your feet”.

The group are all women — Molly Rose, Eleanor Underhill and Salley Williamson — and they have sweet voices; as well as the Mac there are comparisons with bands like Dixie Chicks.

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