Cyndi Lauper: Detour

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We don’t know much about Lauper other than the hits (Girls Just Want to Have Fun, True Colours etc). That aside, though we know she’s had a long and successful career.
Given her wacky persona, an album of country covers might not work but this does and it’s entertaining: pop enough for a general audience, country enough for the cowboys. And girls.

Opener Funnel of Love is the pop side, reeling in the people who like more general music. The title track, which comes next, opens with fiddle and steel guitar to reassure any country fans who skipped track one in a blind funk. It’s got a Rawhide style chorus.

All the songs are covers, most of them aging, but it doesn’t sound dated or old fashioned at any point; she doesn’t introduce much wacky humour — You’re The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly aside — and she clearly loves the songs, injecting them with life and warmth. She does the saccharine End Of The World particularly well, as it has a high failure potential.

Of most interest to us was Night Life, a song written by Willie Nelson who sold the song for $150, only to see it covered by singers including Phil Lynott: Thin Lizzy’s fine 1974 album Nightlife included the song. Lauper delivers it in such a way that it took us several plays to work it out. Nelson duets on the song, though it’s the duet with Vince Gill on Our Kids Are Ugly that’s the most entertaining.

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