Gentleman’s Dub Club: Dubtopia

review dub x1 cong

The sleeve is more reminiscent of a space rock band like Ozric Tentacles, but Gentleman’s Dub Club play reggae. Chemical stimulants may feature as widely in their audience’s leisure time as with the Ozrics, admittedly.

If the sleeve is a bit misleading the name is not: Gentleman’s Dub Club dress like gents and play, if not dub, bass-heavy reggae and some ska. Their live shows are reportedly raucous and a mix of dub, ska and reggae, but this album is more well-mannered, easy reggae with some peeks of ska. They’re a nine-piece band so perhaps they wanted to put out a more commercial album, so the royalties would buy them all more than a Big Mac.

It’s slick, commercial reggae but doubtless they’ll be touring hard to promote it, and we suspect you become a fan from the live show and not this more sedate album.


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