Green Day: God’s Favourite Band

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No really, God loves them. Not THE God, obviously, the one whose son’s birth we celebrate, but a Python-esque carton voiced by an actor on the Stephen Colbert show, presumably so they could name this hits package what they did.

Green Day’s last hits package was 2002’s International Superhits, at which time they had a lot less to put on. Since then they’ve written a few more half decent tunes, some of which are on here: joining Longview and Basket Case are the likes of American Idiot, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Wake Me Up When September Ends, Know Your Enemy and 21 Guns.

There are also two new songs, Ordinary World and Back In The USA.

We call this punk but it’s not really, they’re more corporate entertainment. As proper punks their careers had started to flag, then Billy Joe Armstrong discovered how to write anthems. He deserves more credit than he gets: from what we’ve seen he writes the songs, records the demos, playing all the instruments, then calls up Tre and Dirnt and says: “Here, this is what you’re playing.”

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