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Michael Bublé: Love

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This starts off with a sentimental cover, When I Fall In Love, which is peak Bublé, as slow and luscious as you like and his voice shown off to its best.

A perky I Only Have Eyes For You follows, just total class; you’d have to be Scrooge not to love it.

Love You Anymore is not a cover but a new tune by Charlie Puth, which is good but just not a timeless classic.  People who don’t just want to hear the sound of Sinatra being repeated will probably like it, and it’ll sound better on pop radio, as well as attracting some younger fans.

It’s not all good: there’s Edith Piaf’s La Vie En Rose. It’s safe to say Bublé is better sticking to the American and not French songbook; it’s not bad but he’s more suited to big band than the accordion and echoes of the Left Bank.

The same applies to a bland pop cover of Help Me Make it Through the Night, which is drained of all its country soul. Kris Kristofferson can console himself with the boost to his bank account.

Elsewhere is the bond-esque My Funny Valentine (the instrumentation should be used in the next 007 movie), one of two Hart/Rogers covers and onto safer territory for the Bubble, even safer with Such A Night, which takes him back to Vegas and Sinatra.

His own song Forever Now is not bad, somewhere between Charlie Puth and a big band tune; his voice is great.

A nicely varied collection, probably for fans only; don’t be fooled if you hear Charlie Puth on the radio and think: “Bublé’s changed!”. He’s not.

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