Nils Landgren: 4 Wheel Drive

review 4wheel x1 cong

Landgren is part of the Funk Unit, and this CD sees three equally famous players join him: Landgren on trombone and vocals, plus Michael Wollny on piano, Lars Danielsson on bass and cello, and Wolfgang Haffner drums.

It’s mostly covers, the fi rst being Another Day In Paradise from Phil Collins. Landgren’s vocals are gentle and caress the ears, the music a palatable one-size-suits-all style of European jazz. We imagine it as the music that people (we guess mostly men) who like expensive stuff would listen to in an exclusive club, while discussing offshore bank accounts.

The title perhaps suggest blokiness, although of course it’s meant to refer to four world class performers.

Mr Collins and Sting get two covers apiece, Collins also appearing via Genesis song That’s All (an unrecognisable arrangement that’s almost ambient), and Gordon Sumner supplying Shadows In The Rain and If You Love Somebody Set Them Free.

The playing is superb and Landgren’s voice — ironically because it’s not the best — takes the sound away from the overly slick to something more interesting. A cover of Billy Joel’s She’s Always A Woman is stunning.

(Joel also gets Just The Way You Are) while Sting’s Shadows In The Rain is also good.

Maybe a little slick for some, but perfect late night jazz for others, running through some popular old rock covers.

The cover is art by Peter Krüll. This is out on ACT, 9875-2.


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