Emil Ingmar: Karlavagnen

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This is easy-on-the ear jazz with a travelling theme.

The opening song Karolinabacken (which according to Google translate is Caroline Hill) has a rhythm suggesting a train ride or maybe passing lampposts (or trees, given that he’s Swedish) flashing by. He’s a pianist and the piano melody over the top is bright and breezy: a trip to a favourite spot on a sunny day, maybe.

Buss 823 (“Bus 823” we assume) is slower, as are buses, but has the same feel of travel, the pace of life slowing as you move at the speed of someone else’s timetable while looking out of the window and reflecting.

Klarälven is also slower but suggests more reflecting on a visit to Klarälven rather than going. The title track Karlavagnen – the Swedish word for Big Dipper – is aptly one of the bigger tunes, building to a crescendo then falling back, so we’d guess it’s a memory of a theme park ride rather than a reflection on the heavens.

Ingmar is a pianist, composer, and freelance musician and whatever else is going on – core band Fredrik Jonsson on double bass, Calle Rasmusson on percussion, Jonas Knutsson, soprano sax and Markus Ahlberg on trombone, also with Peter Fredman (flute, clarinet), Maria Winther (vocals) and Erik Tengholm (trumpet) – the piano is always gentle, the kind of music you can relax into; each track has a mood of its own.

While Ingmar is clearly going to sell enough copies of this to justify sending this to us, way down the food chain, it’s also got a nice intimate feel: he is chair of the Uppsala Jazz Club and organiser of live shows, and it has the feel of a small club gig; Ingmar’s hound Bisse contributes a bark, for fans of the dogs on jazz albums genre.

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