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Georgie: At Home

We like Georgie in the Review Corner. With that name and her appearance, she could be one of those X Factor clones (that type of voice, that mild RnB) but she’s not. She can really sing, needs no Auto-tunes and her rich, soulful voice is at home singing pop, jazz or blues. If you like classic vocalists playing nice music, you should check her out; she also sounds cool, for you hipsters out there.

This new album is impressive alone for the fact she’s done it at home during lockdown, so it’s just her voice and mostly either acoustic instruments (guitar, piano) or electronics. There are no real standouts; it’s quality all the way through. The album opens with Company, Georgie singing and playing acoustic guitar, with electronics adding rhythm. It’s a gentle, intimate summery song. Simple Things is next and sees her on the piano for a bigger sound, pop meets Americana, Georgie caressing the lyrics.

Elsewhere, Unrequited Love is all electronic, Georgie singing over a big beat; Chasing Kites sounds as if it was recorded pre- or post-lockdown in a proper studio, possibly with other musicians. Now We’re Lonely is another slow one, as is closer Blue Waters. Our only criticism is the length: only eight tracks.

Well worth checking out. Georgie is from Mansfield and wrote the album stuck at home after losing a tour in support of The Lighthouse Family thanks to coronavirus, and then breaking up with her partner (always good for songwriters). She was the first signing to Soul Kitchen Recordings, the label set up by Jake Bugg’s management company. Mr Bugg can spot talent. Try anything from this album; her 2019 album Georgie: Live! is just as good.

Help the artist make a living. We’re buggered if we could find this album for sale but don’t buy from Amazon.

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