Ant Law: Zero Sum World


We’ve had this a few weeks, but it’s proved difficult to review: on one level it’s fairly mainstream, relaxed jazz, on the other we feel Ant Law’s prodigious talent needs more to be said. It’s partly his fault: despite the obviously talents of all the players (three of whom featured on Law’s debut Entanglement), it’s a low key album and while their technical ability is there if you want to listen, if you don’t it’s just easy-on-the ear cool jazz.
The title track sums (pun intended) it all up really: it starts off gently, then grows into more modern Pat Metheny style of playing and then calms down again. Waltz is laid back throughout, though it shows Law’s guitar playing at its laid-back best. A meaty, if too laid back for its own good, album. Out now on Whirlwind Recordings (WR4663).

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