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  • El Michels Affair meets Liam Bailey: Ekundayo Inversions

    This new album from singer Liam Bailey takes us back to John Peel shows, listening to music that led you to discover new bands and genres; it’s got that home-made feel that Peely liked, although everyone involved is a skilled musician. This follows, as the album title suggests, Bailey’s 2020 studio album Ekundayo, and the […]

  • Koyo: You Said It

    Koyo are from Leeds but the sound is American and they’re one of those bands who sell a bazillion albums in the Heartlands but never do so well over here; Hoobastank springs to mind, mocked by snooty critics but selling 10m albums. It’s a sound British bands often fail to do well, either being too […]

  • Terence Charlston: Froberger, Complete Fantasias and Canzonas

    This is a programme for people who like early music, authentic sounds – and clavichords, of course. The clavichord was a cross between a harp and piano; Wikipedia says Elizabeth of York, queen of Henry VII, bought one in 1502. The instrument was popular from the 16th century to the 18th century, particularly in German-speaking […]

  • Danijel Cerovic: Silvius Leopold Weiss, Lute Works

    Weiss (1687–1750) was a German composer and lutenist, who served at courts in Breslau, Rome, and Dresden, where he died. He was one of the most prolific composers of music for the lute, and one of the best-known, most accomplished and best paid lutenists of his day. He composed more than 600 pieces for the […]

  • Hari’s World (book)

    Hari is a green elephant and his mission in life is to never let children forget safety, doing this via books, characters and hand puppets (we’ve got a Hari himself). The aim appears to be for parents to read the books to their younger kids and use the puppet to reinforce the message while making […]

  • Leonardo Balada, Clarinet Works, Caprichos Nos. 6and7 / Double Concerto

      Barcelona native Leonardo Balada’s work has been labelled “Dalí’s surrealism in music”. (According to the sleeve notes, the great artist said of him: “I consider the young composer, Mr Leonardo Balada, to possess a remarkable talent!”). The release notes say this is an aspect of his work explored in this programme “through the technique […]

  • Dutty Moonshine: Big Band City Of Sin

    Sometimes you gotta take off the reviewing hat (we all have one, standard issue from the Reviewers Guild and Associated Union of Random Scribblers , edible so you can eat it, obvs) and just play something loud. This is that. Dutty Moonshine Big Band are big, daft and enjoyable. They’re apparently electro-swing, a genre that […]

  • HMLTD: West of Eden

    The Guardian reports that HMLTD were active some years ago, winning a good reputation for gigs, getting signed by Sony and then dropped. You can see why; this album is not replete with hit singles, good as it is. So this is their debut and the Press notes call it “labyrinthine”, not an unreasonable description. […]

  • Littlemen: It’s a Beautiful Thing

    If ever an album hid its delights in its opening bars, it’s this. The start of opener The Girl With The Red Blouse sounds something like a country take on Wet Wet Wet’s Something In The Air, a gentle, slow pop tune with soft vocals, no indication of what’s coming. Then it builds in power […]

  • Philip Glass: Glassworlds 6

    The sleeve notes say Glass was chatting to someone who lamented America’s lack of history, so Glass set about creating one, lacing together his native culture and its legends. Thus were born the works on this excellent CD. The opening piece is “his most challenging piece to date,” Concerto for Piano No.2, After Lewis and […]