Brazilian Landscapes

This fascinating CD is nominally classical with jazz influences, but you could call it world because of the rhythm, which leans towards the Latin. It’s a quiet and reflective album. The percussion plays varying roles in the music, coming to the fore in places and dropping back in others. There’s a sense of fun about […]

Fritz Kreisler: The Complete Solo Recordings, Vol.7

It’s slightly misleading to call this classical: it’s a bloke playing popular tunes on the violin, so it’s really pop music, just pop from the days when a new tune was Dame Clara Butt singing Old Folks At Home. Austrian-born Kreisler was busy after WWI with a comeback in America, world tours, and a warm […]

Dua Lipa: Dua Lipa

This is not the kind of album we would normally listen to, slick RnB pop by the latest young person with a decent voice, but as she is walking out with Mr Chris Martin and thus now fodder for the Daily Mail sidebar of shame, we thought we’d give her a serious listen. The whole […]

Carson Cooman: Hymnus

We seem to be falling over CDs from the prolific American composer Carson Cooman, who puts out an album every other day (he’s even on a jazz-based work we have lined up for review). His works are approachable, while being proper classical music as well, suitable for both novice and stuffed-shirt expert. The Press notes […]

Niels Rønsholdt: Songs of Doubt

This is a remarkable CD. It’s not for anyone who thinks Ed Sheeran produces complex songs but it’s a powerful and affecting work that should appeal to classical and electronic pop fans alike. The sound is somewhere between Martin Grech’s Open Heart Zoo, still a classic album (came out in 2002, the music was more […]

Basco: Interesting Times

Basco are a Danish folk band playing complex Celtic-influenced folk with added accordion, the latter contributing a touch of whimsy. The band is Ale Carr (cittern), Andrea Tophoj (violin, viola), Hal Parfitt-Murray (violin mandolin, vocals) and Anders Ringgaard Andersen (accordion, trombone) so the instrumentation means they sound like a less driven Seth Lakeman, and with […]

Lindsey Buckingham / Christine McVie (self titled)

Tango In The Night was pretty much Buckingham / McVie —Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood were banished to a mobile home because of drugs issues, John McVie was off drinking — so we had high hopes for this. Oh well. Buckingham / McVie are talented songwriters who’ve been doing this for donkey’s, and Buckingham is […]

Randall Thompson: Symphony No.2

Thompson is known as one of the most-performed American composers of choral music, notable for writing that is approachable to both audiences and choirs. The Second Symphony is “an excellent example” of what the composer was capable of when not composing for voices, say the sleeve notes. We say it’s ideal if you want to […]