Franz Nicolay: The Humorless Ladies of Border Controli

Subtitled “Touring the punk underground from Belgrade to Ulaanbaatar” this is probably the best travel book ever written by a musician, up there with Steve Earle’s novel for best book of any kind by a musician, and probably the best book about touring ever. There’s not much about the actual gigging, a repetitive event that […]

Colin Newcombe: 13 Fragments

Newcombe is a local author who has produced a book that should be handed out to anyone thinking of descriptive writing and self-publishing. So with some joy we can say first what it isn’t: it’s not badly proofed, badly written or short of ideas, and Newcombe has clearly lavished a lot of attention on both […]

Norman Ohler: Blitzed

This accessible history book is a good present for anyone who likes modern history but doesn’t want a heavy read. Ohler is a novelist and the book reads like a novel, but he’s done his research; Ian Kershaw, a world-leading authority on Hitler and Nazi Germany, has described it as “a serious piece of scholarship”. […]

RJ Weaver: Raspberry Jam and Pickles

It’s always hard reviewing locally produced books: in this case it’s a labour of love, 24 pages and written and drawn by the author. The potential for it being not very good is high, in which case this write-up would have said it’s out and it’s got 24 pages. Happily for all concerned it’s very […]