William the Conqueror: Proud Disturber Of The Peace

William the Conqueror, aka Ruarri Joseph, played the Just So Festival at Rode Hall last year and his show was so impressive that he and it are tied together in the Review Corner collective memory. He was so good we bought two of his solo albums, second hand. In his youth (he was taking his […]

Danny and The Champions Of The World: Brilliant Light

Danny and The Champions are one of those bands that make you shake your head at the fickleness of music: they should be playing big venues but last year (?) they played Biddulph Up In Arms; prestigious as that is, it’s not Manchester Apollo or even Band on the Wall. The last album was more […]

Klyne: Klyne

We’ve waited a long time for an electro/dance/pop album as good as CagedBaby’s* 2005 Will See You Now … and we’re still waiting. We had high hopes for Klyne, as the early tracks we heard were good. Like Cagedbaby, they were pleasant pop tunes played electronically and with edge and coolness. Obviously, the early tracks […]

Wendy Bevan: Rose and Thorn

Bevan sounds like she’s from the 80s but isn’t. She writes electronic pop that’s rooted in the electronic pop of the late 70s/early 80s, the kind of stuff the geriatric part of the Review Corner bought from A&A’s indie-band shoebox. The sound of early Human League, or even Visage; too arty to be New Romantic […]

Art of Noise: In Visible Silence

Art of Noise were momentarily big in the 80s, partly because they had one good song, Close (To The Edit), which the Review Corner bought on a 12” picture disk that looked like a piece of candy Willy Wonka would peddle to small children. They were odd even then, the label ZTT’s contribution to art, […]

Joseph Parsons: The Field / The Forest

This is a hard album to review. It’s not an album to write about; it’s an album for someone who buys one album a month and takes time to savour it, getting to know all the songs and developing favourite moments. Parsons is a singer/songwriter, but has a full band. He’s in the same ballpark […]

Luke Sital-Singh: Time Is a Riddle

Luke S-S’s debut came out three years ago and we’d forgotten what a lovely thing it was, a rich, folky-pop album with a lot of soul. He has a very nice voice. This new album is different, but just as good. It’s like he spent the three years listening to Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac; […]

Sheryl Crow: Be Myself

After at least one album (the last one, anyway) of commercial country music designed to be played on a car radio on an open American highway, Sheryl Crow has gone back to the acoustic-based country pop-rock of yore. Also designed to be played on a car radio on an open American highway. It’s good, in […]

Erasure: World Be Gone

Donald Trump is obviously a terrible president but it’s not all bad: the media ratings are up in the US thanks to the trail of chaos he leaves behind, while Erasure seem to have been inspired by the state of the world when they wrote this (and that was before Theresa May teamed up with […]

Dua Lipa: Dua Lipa

This is not the kind of album we would normally listen to, slick RnB pop by the latest young person with a decent voice, but as she is walking out with Mr Chris Martin and thus now fodder for the Daily Mail sidebar of shame, we thought we’d give her a serious listen. The whole […]