Charlie Bit My Finger: Back and Fourth

This Belgian pop punk band channel NOFX a little (and only a little), from the sound to the jokery with nomenclature – Charlie Bit My Finger is a famous internet video (child bites another) – while Back and Fourth is their third album.

The sound is solid, mosh-pit pleasing, sing-along anthems to get sweaty to in small venues. There are solid riffs, melodic vocals and some rapping.

Any one song is likely to have fast drums (the kick drum micced up pleasingly to the fore), solid riffs and melodic vocals – A New Found “My Friends Over You” Glory sound; you know it’s not great but it’s fun, decent enough and they’re giving their all.

Hold Your Breath or Backseat are perhaps their My Friends Over You moments. Winning The Game is a bit Sum 41. Solid, rather inspired, but easy to listen to.

They’re here

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