Danny and The Champions Of The World: Brilliant Light

Danny and The Champions are one of those bands that make you shake your head at the fickleness of music: they should be playing big venues but last year (?) they played Biddulph Up In Arms; prestigious as that is, it’s not Manchester Apollo or even Band on the Wall. The last album was more […]

Luke Sital-Singh: Time Is a Riddle

Luke S-S’s debut came out three years ago and we’d forgotten what a lovely thing it was, a rich, folky-pop album with a lot of soul. He has a very nice voice. This new album is different, but just as good. It’s like he spent the three years listening to Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac; […]

Venus Rising: Happy Daze

Venus Rising are local, led by Sheena Bratt. We don’t like reviewing local bands much: do we just say they’re great because they’re local, or be honest? Usually they’re as good as they need to be, which makes it easy, but VR are a band that want to go places and this is their calling […]

Basco: Interesting Times

Basco are a Danish folk band playing complex Celtic-influenced folk with added accordion, the latter contributing a touch of whimsy. The band is Ale Carr (cittern), Andrea Tophoj (violin, viola), Hal Parfitt-Murray (violin mandolin, vocals) and Anders Ringgaard Andersen (accordion, trombone) so the instrumentation means they sound like a less driven Seth Lakeman, and with […]

Twelfth Day: Cracks in the Room

This slightly left-field folk album might take you unawares at first, as Twelfth Day play standard folk subtly melded with jazz and classical — some parts are more akin to chamber music – with added eccentricity thrown in. Twelfth Day is Catriona Price, a singer and fiddler from Orkney, and Esther Swift, singer and harpist […]

Emily Barker: Sweet Kind of Blue

Barker has turned out a couple of folk/country albums that have been ok, but never enough to make the listener sit up and listen. Well-written songs, played well to be sure, but lacking that spark, with the exception of her Vena Portae project. (If you’ve never heard of her, she wrote the theme to BBC […]

Chris T-T: Best Of

We had this a couple of weeks before playing it. A bloke we’ve never heard of issuing a best-of package as he jacks it in after 20 years of limited success? What’s going to be good about that? A lot, it transpires. The man’s a genius at what he does, with an unlimited supply of […]

Various: Music from The American Epic Sessions

We thought Old Crow Medicine Show doing Blonde on Blonde live in Nashville was pretty cool but this is even better. The backstory is that it’s a television documentary on the early days of music. In the 1920s, as radio took over the pop music business, record companies took to the road to find new […]

Old Crow Medicine Show: 50 Years of Blonde on Blonde

For fans of Bob Dylan, folk, bluegrass or country, this is going to be pretty close to a perfect record. In the sleeve notes, Old Crow’s Ketch Secor says Bob Dylan inspired him to go into music and that Dylan is “the greatest spinner of rhyme and couplet since Shakespeare”. You can take it that […]

Ben Marwood: Get Found

  There’s a raft of bands rotating around the daddy of this genre, Frank Turner: we most recently reviewed Beans On Toast, but there’s any number of singer-songwriters playing folk-based tunes with sincere and/or entertaining intelligent lyrics, and with links to Turner. Marwood is another. After the first couple of plays, we’d have said his […]