Bombay Bicycle Club: Everything Else Has Gone Wrong

Bombay Bicycle Club are cursed by the same, er, curse as Foals: everything they do is good, but you expect that, so it’s hard to assess.Their quality control is just really high. We’ve long thought Foals and Bombay Bicycle are the best bands in the UK so we were doubly pleased when both released new […]

Vetiver: Up on High

Vetiver’s Andy Cabic has a gentle voice — it’s a bit like Iain Archer (ex Snow Patrol, doesn’t sound like Snow Patrol). It’s melodic and tuneful yet Cabic’s singing style does not involve much variation. Like Archer’s solo albums (all recommended), it’s a soothing and warm sound. He sings about life; opener The Living End […]

Feet: What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham

Feet like to be quirky; the band is named FEET with capitals, but we’re not playing that game. They like to play games themselves, with songs that sound like other songs but then shoot off in wacky directions. Good Richard’s Crash Landing sounds — as does more than one song — like early Blur, while […]

The Twang: If Confronted, Just Go Mad

The Twang date back to the indie “The band” explosion, along with fellow Thes View, Pigeon Detectives, Wombats, Fratellis, Kooks et al, an era of poor bands and sloppy tracks; Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong didn’t even get to release their finished album, despite us getting a review copy, probably because of a […]

Rex Orange County: Pony

Rex, known to his mum Mrs O’Connor as Alexander, grew up in the rock ‘n’ roll heartland — a village in Surrey. (Actually Grayshott: from 1898 to 1900, Flora Thompson, author of Lark Rise to Candleford, was assistant postmistress there; among her customers was Arthur Conan Doyle. That kind of place.) Clearly a talented musician, […]

Courteeners: More. Again. Forever.

So: Courteeners make a good album shocker. It’s not that the songs are better, it’s just got a groove. Opener Heart Attack has a fat baseline and will be a song fans probably love. The lyric “Here we go / new tempo / pick another song for the radio” suggests business as usual (and fondness […]

The Regrettes: How Do You Love?

We like getting excited about new music, but there does come a point where you’ve heard it all before. The Regrettes do what they do well, a catchy bubblegum rock/pop-punk but it’s nothing new and bands like this come, briefly dazzle and disappear (The Pipettes? Black Kids? That other band whose name we forget?) California […]

Cigarettes After Sex: Cry

Fate saved the biggest disappointment of the year for the last week of 2019 with this turgid offering. The Guardian praised it for its sonic richness, for people who prefer melody and softness to, presumably, tunes, variety and enjoyment. The band has garnered good reviews for some time so we were looking forward to this, […]

Granfalloon: RGB

Manchester band Granfalloon must think they’ve made a great album with this, and in many ways they have. It’s clever, varied and draws comparisons with people from Steve Mason to David Bowie, but just fails to hit the mark or contain one great track to draw the listener in. Opener Year Of The Rooster is […]

Shed 7: Going For Gold

This new greatest hits double CD gold vinyl, if that floats your boat) is out in time for Christmas, so if you’ve got a fan in the family, you’re sorted. Oddly, The Review Corner has never heard much by Shed 7 but we did briefly meet them once. (We’ve also only ever been in a […]