Johnny Marr: Call the Comet

Marr’s career will always be like that of Orson Welles: his finest moment is behind him. Welles made Citizen Kane when he was 26, the millstone round Marr’s neck broke up in 1987 when Marr was 24. He’s now 54 and will never be as good as he was for those few years. Lucky for […]

Dos Floris: The Widowed Earth

This is an album that needs attention, probably on headphones; we tried listening while working and most of it just passes the casual listener by. Which is a shame, as it is something worth hearing. It opens to the sound of a cassette player, perhaps suggesting something old school; or maybe just that a lot […]

White Denim: Performance

This new album is high on having a good time, taking in soul, prog, blues and glam, if a little correspondingly low on memorable tunes and invention. The sound is somewhere between a classic 70s funk/blues rock band and T Rex, but it’s all pleasurable to listen to. The musicianship is high and the sound […]

Middle Kids: Lost Friends

Good news: Middle Kids will sound great at any festival you catch them at, with their lively indie pop that varies from song to song; you’ll not get bored and the music is all very familiar. Bad news: on CD it’s all a bit over the place and ultimately lets itself down because they lack […]

Lily Allen: Shame

While Ange Hardy sings about her personal experiences and expands this into wise advice on living, Allen sings about herself. There is a difference. This new CD charts her personal life: broken marriage, social media harassment and all. It feels a bit lightweight, and even the sharp lyrics are good only for the first couple […]

Tom Bailey: Science Fiction

This comes 27 years after the release of the Thompson Twins’ eighth and final album Queer, and is the band’s founder and front man’s debut solo album. Whatever else he’s been doing, he’s stashed away some good songs. This manages to sound both like a throwback to the 80s, and something modern. The song-writing is […]

Weezer: Pacific Daydream

Even for us this review is tardy: the Press release is dated 1st December (2017, we’re not that useless), though it may have arrived after that date. Not that they’d mind; their work-rate is sporadic (though 12 albums in 24 years is not too bad), with main-man Rivers Cuomo enrolling at Harvard University after their […]

Addie Brik: I Have A Doctor On Board

Brik remind us of Kate Bush, not just for the voice, which is not quite as squeaky but is Bushesque, but for the variety of the sounds she produces. And for the way her biography is casually littered with celebs. Just like Bush, who had a family friend who knew David Gilmour of Pink Floyd […]

Island: Feels Like Air

Island (they style it ISLAND) are a cool indie band with a young fanbase. You can tell the fans are young because we Googled some reviews and many of them made no sense, students thinking their thesaurus is more important than writing a coherent review. We love it. We discovered Island by mistake: we’d gone […]