Addie Brik: I Have A Doctor On Board

Brik remind us of Kate Bush, not just for the voice, which is not quite as squeaky but is Bushesque, but for the variety of the sounds she produces. And for the way her biography is casually littered with celebs. Just like Bush, who had a family friend who knew David Gilmour of Pink Floyd […]

Island: Feels Like Air

Island (they style it ISLAND) are a cool indie band with a young fanbase. You can tell the fans are young because we Googled some reviews and many of them made no sense, students thinking their thesaurus is more important than writing a coherent review. We love it. We discovered Island by mistake: we’d gone […]

Black Sedan: Adventure Lit Their Star

This is an odd but interesting album: it’s a “collective” project orchestrated by Yorkshire-based journalist and author Mark Hodkinson and sees him bring together five vocalists and 30 musicians to create what is probably a bit of a Marmite record. His previous bands / albums include Black September, a rather fine indie effort that has […]

Hinds: I Don’t Run

When 2016’s Leave Me Alone came out, Hinds were the new super-cool indie band. We found its ramshackle garage charms, well, charming, but they had one sound and that charm faded as the album played through. It would have been a good six-track EP. Wikipedia reports that it only debuted at 47 on the UK […]

Bryde: Like An Island

A lot of whether you like a song is down to the vocals: love the voice and you’ll like the music and vice versa (hence our apathy to Arctic Monkeys). Bryde’s voice is mesmerising and we love it. It’s strong but sounds vulnerable, and she reminded us of Paula Cole (Where Have All The Cowboys […]

The Courteeners: St Jude Re:Wired

We saw The Courteeners on the St Jude tour at the Sugarmill in Hanley; we wanted to like them but found their laddish rock slightly off-putting. Singer Liam Fray did some acoustic numbers and we thought we could sense a feeling that he wanted to branch off into more adventurous areas and leave the lads […]

Marmozets: Knowing What You Know Now

The title perhaps reflects that singer Becca Macintyre had to have a knee operation that left her housebound, giving them time to reflect on their rapid rise to fame. This new album seems to use up all the energy she accumulated while bed-ridden — it’s feisty and aggressive while still having some great singalong choruses. […]

Will Varley: Spirit of Minnie

Previous releases — this is his fifth studio album — have been just Varley and guitar; powerful songs maybe (try Something Is Breaking from Kingsdown Sundown) but still acoustic. This new album has a full band and sees him up his game considerably: comparisons with the likes of Marc Cohn or even The Boss in […]

Sunflower Bean: Twentytwo in Blue

This patchy album is more a promise of what could be to come than what is. At peak Bean they drop sharp indie pop, with lead singer Julia Cumming’s crystal voice contrasting with the scuzzy guitar. In other places it’s less convincing (a polite euphemism for forgettable). Opener Burn It is good, a plea to […]