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Wylderness: Big Plans For A Blue World

This is a nice little album for fans of dreamy indie rock and shoegaze (mostly without the volume), with elements of folk.

You could turn to Swedish post-rock band Logh (pronounced Log) as a soundalike, or then again Martin John Henry, the Scottish fella who was in De Rosa but whose The Other Half Of Everything is a fantastic album and ever-popular in the Review Corner.

The opening track (twice on our review copy) is the single Wet Look (radio edit and album versions) which is a catchy, uptempo tune with an echoey lo-fi sound and swirling guitar. It reminded us of a less beefy take on Battle’s Tendency, a 2005 track we’re sure you all remember.

Track two Keep on Keeping is very Logh, a gloomy sound with lots of guitar fiddling, over a strong bassline. Modern Pentathlon is more upbeat and slicker, while keeping the lo-fi sound and complex guitar.

There is some variation: Centre of Gravity is sharper, tighter and rockier, with tidy drums and nice guitar distortion; a loud song live, one suspects. Hypotheticals is sparser and a bit Gang of Four.

Standout, oddly is YLT Vs VU, a psychedelic, stoner track with a rock-solid bassline, manic guitar and spoken vocals about an event that didn’t really happen because it was only a short story. Addictively interesting.

Battle’s Tendency is a good reference point, not musically so much as the fact that like Battle and Martin John Henry, as good as this album (and much other music we get) is, it’s probably only ever going to be a cult sound, which is a shame.

This is out on Succulent Recordings and is set to become a Review Corner favourite.

Don’t let it be cult! Buy here

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