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The Black Angels: Wilderness of Mirrors

The Black Angels play psychedelic rock that’s somewhere between stoner and space rock, with a blend of sounds.

Opener Without A Trace has the echoey smack of Led Zep’s When The Levee Breaks, guitars droning solidly, the surprisingly gentle vocals out the front (a little Stone Roses) and the drums gently Bohamesque. History of the Future is more of a solid rocker, a dirty riff and pounding drums, towards the stoner end of the spectrum; played loud over headphones you might think you were stoned. There’s a fun guitar solo mid-way through.

Empires Falling starts off with feedback from which vocals and a more sonically cleaner tune emerge. Le Pared (Govt Wall Blues) is one of the more Hawkwind-like tracks.

This is what it is but they’re really good at it, and it’s a listenable album for fans of stoner / space rock.

Smoke and mirrors your way to here

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