Category: Metal

  • Muse: Will of the People

    Muse are one of the world’s best live bands but their albums leave us a little unmoved; they all sound like Muse. Whatever the varying degrees of theatricality, campness or volume it’s still just Muse. Feel free to disagree. We know that sounds a bit like the Labour activist who complained to us when the […]

  • The Black Angels: Wilderness of Mirrors

    The Black Angels play psychedelic rock that’s somewhere between stoner and space rock, with a blend of sounds. Opener Without A Trace has the echoey smack of Led Zep’s When The Levee Breaks, guitars droning solidly, the surprisingly gentle vocals out the front (a little Stone Roses) and the drums gently Bohamesque. History of the […]

  • Motörhead: The Löst Tapes

    We don’t know what’s worse: the fact that the members of the classic line-up of Lemmy, Philthy and Fast Eddy are all dead, or that Lemmy’s death killed Motörhead. But Motörhead recordings are far from dead and on Motörhead Day, 8th May, (say the eighth of May and Ace Of Spades quickly to see why) […]

  • Sabaton: The Great War

    This came out a while back but we forgot to review it (we bought it, so no PR company cares). While we remember World War I and the horror of the trenches in sombre fashion, Swedish metallers Sabaton evoke the glory of battle and the hot, red blood pumping in your veins; the lyrics don’t […]

  • Raised Fist: Anthems

    This is heavy rock/metal/punk but not as you might reasonably predict it to be. It’s quirky; heavy rock in a party hat. It’s generally not intrinsically comic, they just have a different view of rock to the rest of us, and it’s impossible not to warm to their enthusiasm. The music is beefy and solid […]

  • Black Futures: Never Not Nothing

    This is their debut and it’s a mighty album; possibly not to everyone’s taste but mighty nonetheless. They’re a duo but it’s a massive sound, with pounding drums, massive riffs and fat bass. The sound is somewhere between Biffy Clyro, Nine Inch Nails (the NNN on the cover looks suspiciously like NIN) and a screamo […]

  • Blood Youth: Starve

    Metal outfit Blood Youth — they hail from the land of cream teas and muffins, Harrogate — are a visceral lot, their music loud and uncompromising. The album is marked by three elements: the frontman’s voice, which gets screamed hoarse over the album’s course — he sounds very annoyed about something, probably the queue for […]