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Black Futures: Never Not Nothing

review black futures x1 cong

This is their debut and it’s a mighty album; possibly not to everyone’s taste but mighty nonetheless.

They’re a duo but it’s a massive sound, with pounding drums, massive riffs and fat bass. The sound is somewhere between Biffy Clyro, Nine Inch Nails (the NNN on the cover looks suspiciously like NIN) and a screamo band — not quite Killswitch Engage but not Linkin Park either — and Kasabian.

The title track is the opener and more of a prelude, downtuned guitar and shouted chorus, 50 seconds later and it’s track two Love — the least likely-sounding love song ever — which features screaming, riffs, hip hop and a rapped section while synths throb.

It’s the opening song for a live set, the pit going wild. We strapped ourselves in for a loud one at first play, but the album is more varied than first songs suggest. This is apparent with Karma Ya Dig!?, which is more melodic and nods more towards Kasabian, and contains the first of their big, catchy choruses; next track Me.TV is also a bit Kasabian, the chorus more suggestive of a sixties psychedelic rock band before, unexpectedly, a spoken section set against a solid bass line.

The glorious Youthman manages to combine gentle soul with a drum sound that suggest a massed brawl between metal dustbins, complete with children’s choir. Motown with rabies.

Riches is loud and scuzzy rock that sails close to QOTSA, as wild as Tunnel Vision is controlled and repetitive. Standouts are possibly the pulsing and exciting Gutters or the pounding Trance. Complex and a bit dark, but fun.

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