Death Cab for Cutie: Thank You for Today

We’re big fans of Death Cab but even we can see they’re on a downward trajectory. They started high and they’re always well above average — most bands would kill to be as good — but they’ve gone from masterpieces to pop tunes. Songs like the epic Transatlanticism, the title track of the 2003 album […]

Bugzy Malone: B. Inspired

We’re not the demographic for hip-hop, but we like Bugzy Malone. This album smacks of a man who’s absorbed lots of music, and achieved some genuine wisdom. He’s also from Manchester, so we feel more affinity with him than some lad from London: at least we’ve seen the streets he’s talking about. Bugzy Malone — […]

Panic! at the Disco: Pray For The Wicked

We were never into that whole theatrical branch of emo, led by My Chemical Romance but including Panic! Over the years Panic! have shed members for a variety of reasons: some were sacked, founder member Ryan Ross wanted to craft rockier fare. The band even went from Panic! to Panic after the ! was sacked […]

Israel Nash: Lifted

We don’t know much about Mr Nash, but his music lands perfectly formed and ideal for summer. It’s apparently the Texas-based singer’s fifth album, and it’s — as only critics ever say — a slab of feel-good 60s/70s hippy Americana all ‘bout peace and love. There are no real standouts but it’s a consistently good […]

White Denim: Performance

This new album is high on having a good time, taking in soul, prog, blues and glam, if a little correspondingly low on memorable tunes and invention. The sound is somewhere between a classic 70s funk/blues rock band and T Rex, but it’s all pleasurable to listen to. The musicianship is high and the sound […]

Treetop Flyers: Treetop Flyers

Treetop Flyers are from London and won the Glastonbury Festival emerging talent competition in 2011. They don’t rush: their debut album The Mountain Moves came out in 2013 and now this, in 2018. The music is dreamy 60s mellow country rock with some psychedelia thrown in, though opener* Flea Drops, an instrumental, has slide or […]

Re-TROS: Before The Applause

We reviewed this late last year but caught them live at Bluedot and they were outstanding. They’re from “Beijing, China”, as singer/guitarist Hua Dong introduced them, like there’s any other kind of Beijing. He was a compelling performer, playing keys and willing the music to do his bidding, as he erratically waved his arms about, […]

Biffy Clyro: MTV Unplugged (Live At Roundhouse, London)

Biffy Clyro live are known for playing massive, stadium-pleasing songs, with their shirts off. This new CD is part of the reborn series of Unplugged shows, and shows how strong some of their songs are without the volume. The CD opens with the crowd chanting “C’mon The Biff” so they’re guaranteed a warm reception and […]

Flaming Lips: Greatest Hits Vol 1

The Review Corner has seen The Flaming Lips live countless times, we’ve danced on stage with them (when they had Santas and Aliens) and when two Review Cornerers got married, a Lips’ song (Do You Realize?) was the first dance. Just to say: we’re biased. This will not be a critical review. The Flaming Lips […]