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Motörhead: The Löst Tapes

We don’t know what’s worse: the fact that the members of the classic line-up of Lemmy, Philthy and Fast Eddy are all dead, or that Lemmy’s death killed Motörhead.

But Motörhead recordings are far from dead and on Motörhead Day, 8th May, (say the eighth of May and Ace Of Spades quickly to see why) this trawl from the archives was released.

The source is a cassette tape plugged into the sound system at Sala Aqualung in Madrid on 1st June, 1995, and it represents the band live on that night. Digitised and tidied up, it’s still got a raw sound – you’d expect no less – with Lemmy’s vocals the rawest element. As it’s a band recording from the stage, the crowd sound is muted. It’s probably not a starting place for people who’ve never heard any Motörhead (that would be Overkill) but it will bring back happy memories for long-term fans.

It opens with Ace Of Spades, and includes a decent view of their catalogue, including Overkill songs Metropolis, Stay Clean and Overkill, as well as Orgasmatron and Silver Machine, plus a Mikkey drum and Lemmy bass solos.

You live the life, you pay the price (a ‘head song title if ever there was one): Phil Taylor died at 61 from liver failure, Fast Eddie at 67 from pneumonia, the excesses of Motörhead taking their toll on his health, and Lemmy at 70 from generally being broken, but they all live on, very loudly.

Nowhere near as slick as No Sleep Til Hammersmith but if you want to remember your last Motörhead gig, spot on.

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