El Michels Affair: Yeti Season

El Michels (and see here) is clearly a man obsessed with music. He previously made an album of imagined music from “adult” films and this new one is imagined music from another kind of film, one set in somewhere like Turkey. Goodness knows what Yeti Season is.

There’s a lot of funk with a stylised Turkish feel; not the Tartar-style beats we’d call Turkish, but a kind of Spaghetti western take on what Turkish music would be if played by a Tex Mex funk band.

There’s plenty to listen to, from Unathi’s more funky extension of the Amen Break (we bet El Michels can talk for hours about the most sampled drum loop in history) mixed with almost Indian vocals to Murkit Gem’s solid 60s exotic funk. If you like your music psychedelic but with soul, it’s worth a listen. Try Murkit Gem, Zaharila or Silver Lining.

Filmscore your way over to here

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