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Death by Piano: Countdown EP

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On one hand this could be called a little samey, on the other we’re always sad when it ends; it’s too short.

We assumed the title meant a lot of piano but it’s chilled-out synth. (We did find out that death by piano is very rare: a report we found said that virtually every case of death by piano, Road Runner aside, resulted from the instrument tipping over — often children playing near an old upright. In 1955 a US man surnamed Keys was crushed under a piano, when he and it fell out the back of the truck).

Death by Piano the EP neither crushes by weight nor sound. It’s laid back and has a late night vibe; any real melody long since fell asleep. It’s noticeable for a cover of Jolene, country twang replaced by kickdrum, marimba and plaintive vocals. If you can find that, you’ve got a feel for the EP (there’s a live recording and a Dirtier Blonde remix on Youtube).

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