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Raised Fist: Anthems

review raised fist x1 cong

This is heavy rock/metal/punk but not as you might reasonably predict it to be. It’s quirky; heavy rock in a party hat. It’s generally not intrinsically comic, they just have a different view of rock to the rest of us, and it’s impossible not to warm to their enthusiasm.

The music is beefy and solid and the vocals muscular; in the sections where a louder band would scream, they rap. They’re like lots of other bands, but unlike them at the same time. In places we thought of Beastie Boys and in others Disturbed, but it’s neither; Disturbed is loud rock by numbers but whatever this is, it’s not formulaic.

The title is accurate; the tracks are all anthemic, without sounding cliched. Clearly the band don’t expect to be playing stadia, so it’s music for fans to sing along and mosh too, in a sweaty club.

The sound varies: Oblivious offers pounding drums and bass and heavy riffage, with semi-growled lyrics, while Unsinkable is more melodic. We Are Here is one the more slick and commercial tracks.

The lyrics suggest a close affinity to fans. The opening song, a more rap-oriented piece, kicks off with “Top of the morning to you all”; the melodic pre-chorus (“You and me, we are last in line / They are counting imaginary enemies”) offering instant appeal. The title track opens with “This is a brand new anthem coming your way / Burning up in the studio to make this play”.

Other lyrics are a bit more out there: “It doesn’t matter how I pretend / Beauty is my only friend” and “Into this world with a skydive and a smile / Like a formula one test drive.”

There’s not much else to do but agree with the lyrics of Murder: “We are Raised Fist / And this is how it is / From the first line to the last beat.”

Left field but good fun.


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