Kramies: Kramies

If anyone tells you there’s no good music any more, point them towards this delightful and all-too-short album from Ohio songwriter Kramies (pronounced Kraim-iss).

The album opens with the gloomily majestic Days Of, which has (in the words of the Press release) a nostalgic warmth, particularly in the chorus, which would warm the heart of even the most miserable; we may gather round the speaker and play it to keep warm as the fuel bill rises. Even at first play, it sounds like a song you’ve been singing all your life. Jason Lytle, of Grandaddy, and Patrick Carney, of The Black Keys, feature on the album, and this track is resonant with the sound of mournful Americana and has a stadium-pleasing closing section.

Horses to Maine opens gently with just piano and mostly stays that way, a rousing ending with brass and big drums aside, a nice interlude between the outstanding opener and Sh-tty Hotel in LA, another great song that’s a cross between Calexico and an 80s hair-rock ballad, both dreamy and littered with a jagged synth melody.

Ohio I’ll Be Fine is yet another standout, a dusty, travel-wearing song with banjo and some swelling strings, a yearning track that might accompany a rom-com as the hero wanders off alone.

You’d Be The Fall sees Kramies channel his best Smashing Pumpkins sound, sounding very much like Billy Corgan for a simple but powerful song that is mainly just vocal and acoustic guitar. Owl And The Crow is another standout, another dreamy and gloomy song, slightly reminscent of Pink Floyd in Shine on You Crazy Diamond era in places.

The last track, 4.44am, floats the album away with gentle acoustics. Impressive.

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