Andrew Wright: The Operatic Pianist II

We always like this kind of CD — transcriptions of more complex works for either travelling performers or good amateurs to play. It’s comforting to know that even the great composers had to earn a crust and deliver work that could be played by amateurs, a bit like finding the drummer with a named band […]

Valentin Silvestrov: Moments of Memory II

This rather lovely, if somewhat melancholic, programme of music combines a traditional sound with the more modern. Ukrainian composer Silvestrov says he does not write new music, instead describing his work as “a response to, and an echo of, what already exists”. This is particularly true with the gentle and atmospheric opening piece, Two Dialogues […]

Johann Simon Mayr: Stabat Mater in F minor

This is a bit of a “what it says on the tin” CD. The music has been restored by Mayr expert Frans Hauk from two manuscript versions. Mayr’s (1763-1845) Stabat Mater in F minor was singled out by a contemporary biographer “for its marvellous effect” and “heavenly beauty”, and he (or she) wasn’t wrong. From […]

Gilbert Rowland: Mattheson, 12 Suites for Harpsichord

This is one of those CDs that’s hard to write about: a triple CD of music for harpsichord in a nice presentation case and well played. Fans of keyboards need know no more. Rowland is one of Europe’s most accomplished players of the harpsichord and has previously released a six-album series of the harpsichord suites […]

Chris Gekker: Ghost Dialogues, Music for Trumpet

Gekker is professor of trumpet at the University of Maryland School of Music. He has appeared as a soloist throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe, and can be heard as such on more than 30 recordings. He’s also played with Sting. He’s good. This CD features modern trumpet music, with work from composers Carson […]

China Horn Ensemble: Horn Fusion

The China Horn Ensemble was conceived in Beijing in 2015 by Yi Man, horn professor at the Central Conservatory of Music, with the aim of developing and popularising horn music in China. The idea attracted support from leading Chinese horn players all over the world. The ensemble was founded in late 2015 and has since […]

Fumiko Miyachi: Transitional Metal

A brass band features on this but the title refers not to the composition of their instruments but (as the merest glance at the sleeve would inform) is inspired by the Periodic Table of the elements. This is decidedly modern music that fans of more traditional classical music could get a grip on from the […]

Carson Cooman: Andreas Willscher: Organ Symphony No.5

German composer Andreas Willscher has (say the Press notes, we won’t claim expertise) won many awards for his compositions, which range from symphonic forms and oratorio to cabaret jazz and rock. Organ Symphony No.5 is on a grand scale but mostly peaceful and meditative; in the sleeve notes the composer said it was subtitled “of […]

Yaniv d’Or: Thoughts Observed

This is a beautiful collection of music, but quiet. It’s one for reflective evenings alone; they’re love songs sung sparsely by countertenor (falsetto) Yaniv d’Or. Dan Deutsch accompanies equally sparsely on the piano. The sleeve notes say that d’Or has previously explored the music of his Sephardic heritage, with his Spanish, Turkish, Egyptian and Libyan […]