Category: Classical

  • Jerome Lowenthal: Rochberg Chihara Rorem

    The main quality of this latest CD by Jerome Lowenthal, veteran pianist and academic, is its playfulness. The opening couple of bars sound like it’s going to be frightfully modern and American but that’s just a witty opening to George Rochberg’s Carnival Music, written for Lowenthal (much of the album is Rochberg). The carnival of […]

  • George Crumb: Sun and Shadow / Voices from the Heartland

    This is the 16th volume of record label Bridge’s George Crumb series, and the music is quite late. It’s an intriguing album and, because part one (Sun and Shadow) is based on the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca it has some similarities with Siobhan Lamb (see above) in that the singers step out of the […]

  • Jos Zwaanenburg: Grist

    Nominally this is a “classical” album because it features a flute but it’s really an experimental album featuring flute and lots of electronic noise. It’s a whole album’s worth of sonic twiddling that sounds like a long section from a wacky krautrock band of the 70s. Zwaanenburg graduated with distinction from the Sweelinck Conservatorium-Amsterdam in […]

  • Jenny Lin: Night Stories — Nocturnes

      Yes she wants you to know this is music for the night: a nocturne (from the French for nocturnal) is music inspired by the night but she’s called the album Night Stories just in case. It’s an album for playing in the evening, preferably in the dark. There are tracks by the likes of […]