Eternal Summers: Gold And Stone


review eternal x1 cong

We don’t like being negative about music — to write even a half-way decent tune is very hard — but this pop indie album did nothing more than fill us with apathy. There’s nothing to set it apart from any other indie album from a band with jangly guitars and a female vocalist.

We’re sure there are obsessive fans of cult indie bands who gather to discuss whether Bangtip’s seminal debut was better than Frilly Skirt’s second EP, and which colour is best for vinyl, sky blue or royal blue, and they may well drool over this.

For the rest of us: it’s an earnest collection of tunes that’s inoffensive at best. We played a couple of other indie bands to compare — Theme Park were tighter and jollier; the excellent Football Etc (jangly guitars, female vocalist) had a keener edge and were, well, excellent; Hockey — who we once drove to Birmingham to see, left on the headlights and got stuck in a multi-storey waiting for the RAC so have every reason to hate — were more energetic and danceable.

Bottom line: there are lots of bands similar to Eternal Summers, and most of them are better.

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