Kill Your Friends OST

November and tells the story of a music industry exec during Brit Pop’s heyday. Steven Stelfox is a horrendous individual by the sound of it, manipulative, off his head and cheating and stealing: “lies, betrayal murder: just another day in the music industry” as the sleeve says.

This is music “inspired by” the film so we’re not sure if it’s all in the movie, but it’s a good compilation. Clearly, the music on here has been selected to draw a diverse range of people into the cinema to see the film, whether or not a particular song is actually in the film — deceit and cunning from people making a satirical film on deceit and cunning.

It opens with Beetlebum from Blur and Good Thing from Rudimental ft John Newman and a sample from the FYC song.

Imagining the movie: if Blur played over the opening credits, Rudimental is the music in an opening scene that lays out the story as the main character lurches through a drunken, coke-sniffing crowd as a band plays a classic tune.

Getting into the move proper we get Overload from Bastille and (possibly more hedonistic excess) Setting Sun from The Chemical Brothers, as well as Cigarettes and Alcohol from Oasis (a band all too familiar with stealing, at least riffs, this one from Marc Bolan).

It’s a good mix of cool tunes, from Echo And The Bunnymen to Radiohead (Karma Police).

As — presumably — Stelfox’s life falls apart, the music goes wilder, to Smack My Bitch Up (The Prodigy), the epitome of a bad night out, and a couple of songs we cannot print here.

It’s almost worth the price for Return Of The Mack, a sublime track produced by a prime tool even for music biz standards, Mark Morrison (conviction for attempting to take a firearm on a plane, choosing to fly to the West Indies instead of going to court on another charge and getting arrested, convicted of armed robbery, convicted of affray for his part in a brawl that resulted in a fatality and incarcerated at Her Maj’s pleasure for paying a lookalike to carry out his community service so he could go on tour…).

A good set of tunes.

Tracklisting: Beetlebum, Blur; Good Thing (ft John Newman), Rudimental; Overload, Bastille; Setting Sun, The Chemical Brothers; Cigarettes and Alcohol, Oasis; The Killing Moon, Echo And The Bunnymen; Karma Police, Radiohead; six Underground, Maxine Ashley; Remember Me (Sure Is Pure 7” Edit), Blue Boy; Shimmy Shimmy Ya, Ol’ Dirty B****d; Blowin’ Up The Spot, Gang Starr; Smack My Bitch Up, The Prodigy; Heroes, Frida Sundemo; Encore Une Fois (Future Breeze Edit), Sash!; Suck My ****, Doof; Sun Goes Down, Songbirds; Return Of The Mack (C&J Radio Edit), Mark Morrison; Blood Hands, Royal Blood.


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