Mind Enterprises: Idealist

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We liked this more than Frøkedal (posted below/yesterday) but it just proves how tastes differ. You could argue this was bland, inoffensive electronic pop that merits a bit more edge and and that Frøkedal has the voice of angel, but we’re writing this and not you.

The title track opens and a tune Rob de Bank would have played at 5am on a Saturday, waking up early risers and sending partygoers peacefully to bed. There’s a midtempo beat and under the slower synth there’s a funkier (almost Nile Rodgers) guitar effect. Track two Chapita is similar.

Mind Enterprises — aka Turin born songwriter Andrea Tirone — has a similar voice to the guy from Junior Boys (Jeremy Greenspan, we think) and in fact Mind Enterprises has an electropop / dance / indie electronic sound that’s very like the Boys, just a bit more poppier. Which is about all you need to know. Whatever the variation in any song — Give Me Light introduces a slightly groovier beat that is bit Michael Jackson, Lover Boy has an intro a bit like Duran Duran’s The Reflex — it mostly ends up being Junior Boys towards the end. The exceptions include the occasional acoustic moments, such as Bad Habit. Nice background music that probably lends itself to dance remixes.


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