Baroness: Purple

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This band’s John Baizley was in the Guardian recently, in the Saturday magazine’s Experience section. This is where people recount generally unpleasant things that befell them (“My head was bitten off by a leopard”, “I lived on soil for three years”). His was “Our tour bus drove off a viaduct”; they were driving near Bath when their bus met the fact indicated by the headline.

It sounds a terrible accident and Baizley is still in pain but it’s a more interesting tale than this album, which is predictable, heavy rock played to a formula. But then no metal fan, anywhere, ever said: “I fancy a change,” and it’s well done.

It’s melodic and ear-friendly heavy rock, of the type where the singer’s voice melds with the music rather than soaring above it. They reminded us of Puddle of Mudd in some ways, and a chilled Avenge Sevenfold in others.

There are no standouts but there are no noticeable filler moments either. It’s the kind of album you could have on repeat all day and enjoy as background noise. We quite liked the slow closer If I Have To Wake Up, for the drumming; opener Morningstar is as good a song to try as any.

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