Josef Salvat: Night Swim

review salvat x1 cong

Salvat has had a hit with the album-opener Open Season and it’s easy to see why: it’s a catchy and likable pop tune. Soulful, tightly played and underpinned by his warming vocals, it’s almost a masterclass in pop writing. The same is true for the remix-ready Paradise, which is possibly even better. A sophisticated, dance-friendly late-night pop album seems about to reveal itself… but then it all goes off the boil a bit. Track three Hustler is ok but by track four, Punchline, it’s getting a bit anodyne, though it has decent moments throughout. The soulful pop tune Closer is good.
Salvat, who is 27, is an Australian singer and songwriter and seems blessed with both the knack of writing good tunes and the even handier one of getting his music licensed in the right places: his cover of Rihanna’s Diamonds was used in a television advert by Sony and his song Shoot And Run (on this album) was featured on the television advert for Black Work on ITV last year.

Fair play to him: he’s a talented guy and knows how to work the market, but it’s a little too popped out for us. He may sell millions of this but he may also disappear off into the background and write hits for other people. If you like easy pop, he’s well worth a punt.


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