Elevant: There Is A Tide

review elevant x1 cong

This is the third album we’ve had from Elevant, a Liverpool band treading their own furrow. Their ambition to get their music out there has always been a few steps ahead of their actual level of accomplishment: the music has always been impressive but (we felt) lacked that spark that would encourage anyone but friends and family to buy the album.

This new one sees them get much better: if you want a comparison it would be Kyuss, with the same grungy, stoner underground feel for large chunks of the album, and a confidence and maturity to the music that was previously less apparent.

Opener I’m Only Falling Apart has a intro that echoes QOTSA’s Song For The Dead, with urgent guitar and machine gun drums, though on a less epic scale than Grohl and Homme. Overall it’s a crisper production than Kyuss’s muddy stoner sound and there’s more variation.

Track two Audience starts off melodically but has a very Nirvana chorus (it could be about Nirvana for all we know, given the title). Home Is Dead is less grunge and more heavy rock — we thought Tool might be a comparator but possibly not (and we wasted an hour listening to 10,00 Days very loud). We Eat Our Young combines a QOTSA vocal with a Black Sabbath riff, Pink/Pond has a funkier sound.

This is out on Bandcamp and they’re taking offers of over a fiver for the digital download and the CD (“a physical representation of the sounds we made that you can hold with your hands. It looks pretty, and comes in a box”.). A fiver, for a solid album of stoner grunge?

You can’t really go wrong. Fans of QOTSA and Kyuss should head to Bandcamp.

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