Deltino Guerreiro: Eparaka

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Guerreiro is from Mozambique and while you could call this world it’s actually pop, Guerreiro drawing in influences from a variety of musical cultures. It most reminded us of Moonflower vintage Santana, which combined the energy of Brazil with tribal rhythms and western rock.

Guerreiro developed his sound travelling from the north to the south of his country, from soul and RnB to the musical tradition of northern Mozambique, with lyrics in Portuguese, English and Macua.

Opener Three Estações is the kind of pop you can hear blasting out of your internet radio if you tune to Caribbean/African radio stations. For those who don’t tune into Zoukstation Kizomba, it’s close to the feel-good light pop tunes you might hear on holiday in Spain but with a funky Isley Bros style guitar solo at the end.

Sonho is the first of the songs that evoked classic Santana, a chilled vocal over a lazy groove and solid bass. Sonho opens with acoustic guitar and ululating. We might have suggested it closes with a touch of Wham style sax — and the next song is Faith — but that might be reading too much into it. Faith is a chilled jazz/pop song that’s almost lounge music as is Freedom, with its Santana-style keyboard noodling. Se Eu Te Dissesse crosses the line into bland lounge music and was the weakest song on the album.
Okinkela is more “world” while Duas Caras borrows from Michael Jackson for groove, the end similar to Thriller.

We enjoyed this and will continue to play it, but it might be too pop for world music geeks and too eclectic for fans of pop.

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