Matt Corby: Telluric

review corbyA x1 cong

Corby sounds like he should be in a boyband and he appeared on Australian Idol some years ago, so were expecting something a lot less good than this.

He’s a handsome surfer dude but clearly works hard — he released five EPs and then went off to learn keyboard, drums and guitar before knuckling down to this album — and has a lot of talent.

This album might not figure on anyone’s “best of” lists come December but it’s also an album you might play over and over. It reminded us most of Gotye; we bought 2008’s Like Drawing Blood and thought he was really talented but too all over the shop to have a hit; Somebody That I Used To Know four years later has noticeably been a one-off.

Like Gotye, Corby writes nice tunes but he takes in a variety styles from blues to funk and jazz to gospel. Opener Belly Side Up is a sparse jazz-tinged electric tune that teeters between chill out and lounge music. Corby has a great voice, comfortable at lower ranges, as a tenor and even falsetto, and he showcases this in Monday, basically a capella aside from handclaps and a kick drum.

Knife Edge is a psychedelic funky jam with falsetto, Wrong Man showcases his warming, deeper voice while Sooth Lady Wine is the song that hooked us, a psychedelic jazzy pop tune with lots of ride cymbal and a 60s feel.

We Could Be Friends is a minimalistic George Michael style lurve song while Empires Attraction opens with cool jazz guitar followed by Corby doing his best Jeff Buckley impression.

Not a classic, but an album that stands many plays and could grow into an old favourite.

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