Sixx AM: Prayer For The Damned

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We were never fans of Motley Cru and glam/sleaze rock bands of their ilk, finding them clichéd and formulaic but this new album from Sixx Am — bassist Nikki Sixx, guitarist DJ Ashba and singer James Michael — is pretty good.

It’s their fourth album (the first two were soundtracks for Sixx’s books) and as someone has paid for us to be sent a copy, it’s probably their best. It’s melodic hard rock and about as macho as you’d expect but it’s got a clean sound and the songs are tidy. Opener Rise opens with a Queen-style harmony and then a big Slash-style riff before the formulaic sound comes but it’s restrained and even the big chorus doesn’t take it over the top. There’s a neat guitar solo in the middle and the only excess is a rather playful burst from the double kick drum pedal. It’s a stirring song; it reminded us of Tom Morello / Chris Cornell’s Audioslave, and specifically the video for Cochise, in which bare-chested men climb ladders and play in front of fireworks, while managing to look cool.

The subsequent tracks are all good: You Have Come To The Right Place, I’m Sick (excellent guitar solo, more Audioslave) and the title track, which has a strong portentous opening. Belly of The Beast is pretty good, as is Everything Went To Hell.

There is some filler: Better Man is ok but goes through the motions a bit and Can’t Stop is a bit cheesy with a fists-in-the-air sing-along quality but gets away with it.

Lyrically, it’s about getting your act together, being saved and becoming a better man; we’d guess that Mr Sixx’s rehab involves a degree of Christian belief; he’s been dead at least once so he’s probably a bit of an expert.

Overall: hard, heavy and clichéd, but an entertaining album.

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