Cosmic Machine: The Sequel

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This is Because Music’s second collection of French electronica from the 70s and 80s, and we found it more entertaining than volume one, which was more up and down. It’s a bit later on in the era and there’s the Chic guitar influence, those fake disco flutes that were trendy for a while and even a touch of New Order’s Blue Monday.

You can dance along to your space disco and then take a rest with some of the wackier or more background stuff; some of the pieces on here could have been background music Saturday Night Fever; “music playing as Tony Manero takes a cab ride”, that sort of thing.

Standouts include Queen Samantha’s Take A Chance (remix instrumental edit), which shamelessly improves itself by mixing in the Blue Monday riff. Arpadys’ Monkey Star builds up nicely and has a good walking bass line.

Nicolas Peyrac’s Theme From More sounds familiar in a Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) kind of way.

There are also the one-off hits that people who remember the 70s will know. You will know them, though whether you could have IDd The Peppers’ 1973 instrumental Pepper Box or Anarchic System’s Pop Corn is more questionable (the latter was a hit for someone else, but one Moog sounds like another).

Realistically, perhaps one for fans of 70s disco and Moogs only, but good fun.

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