Air: Twenty Years

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There must be people who love Air (and we did play Pocket Symphony a lot when it came out) but they’re one of those bands we never think of, then enjoy when we do hear them.

You can guess what this double CD is all about, and the surprising thing is how many tunes are instantly recognisable. Some you’ll have played voluntarily, others you will have heard elsewhere, even if it’s just that good track in the chill-out compilation you once bought.

It’s evocative music, if not cinematographic, by which we mean as soon as it starts playing it puts you in an instant mood (good, hopefully) because it creates its own little world.

The first CD is the hits and opens with the classic La Femme D’argent. After this the songs seem to have been put together to create a mood, as they’re not in chronological order but flow. The first four are all dreamy but then come Sexy Boy, which speeds things up, and Venus, which is slower but meatier than the earlier offerings, before All I Need. CD2 is rarities and live recordings.

This is an excellent introduction to Air’s music, and fans will appreciate have their best songs all together in a package.

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