Martha: Blisters In the Pit Of My Heart


We call this punk because they do, but it’s as much indie as punk, and it’s rather marvellous. Hailing from the splendidly named hamlet of Pity Me (either a shortening of something like Petit Mere or an ironic name for an agriculturally barren area), Martha play a kind of indie emo punk.

Musically, it’s bright and breezy, and slightly raucous and ramshackle, a bit like The Undertones (another DIY band) on speed. They’re certainly brash and the songs have a swagger but it’s also endearing and, for a band apparently singing overtly political lyrics, even a little sweet. But there’s plenty of feedback, reverb and shouting to keep it harder edged.

Lyrically, they apparently address various eight topics — work, money, society, night terrors and being gay at school, as well as finding love in the washing powder aisle. We just like the music.

Try the punkier Chekhov’s Hangnail.

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