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Hattie Briggs: Young Runaway


This enjoyable folk/pop album reminded us of Texan singer Keri Noble. We bought her 2005 album Fearless and play it quite often still; what makes the album is her voice, which is crystal clear and refreshing. Nothing you could put your finger on, just honest and easy on the ear, with no vocal gymnastics, quirks or tics. Nice singing is all you need. Briggs is pretty much the same.

We noticed on her website she does house parties — invite a load of friends to your house, charge ‘em a tenner or so, lay on some crisps and pop and Hattie will play in your front room or back garden. (No, really). This honest approach is reflected in the songs, which are just songs about stuff, nothing heavy or political, just songs to be sung. Her backing band are good but never intrude on the singing.

This new album is out on her own label, Wise Dog, and produced by Peter Waterman. Not that one.

Fans of folk and gentle pop should enjoy this album a lot, and you don’t even have to worry about catching her on tour: just find a big living room and invite her to play.

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