Area 11: Modern Synthesis


Opener Override (C) promises Enter Shakiri style dance/rock/metal, but with more neck twiddling on the guitar.

But The Contract is more pop punk than anything while Watchmaker suggests Muse-like ambitions, with a synth opening, though it’s a pop take on Muse, Area 11 not quite having the heft to do a full muse. Versus goes a bit metal, with big riffs. Well, you get the picture.

The Bristolians are talented and confident, and play really well but this album fires a little too widely and is a tad too derivative. With a more musically focused approach and a touch of originality, they’d have world-beating potential. Having said all that, we’ve played it a fair amount as it has a high listenability quotient, which is a thing that should exist if it doesn’t already. Fans of Enter Shikari and Muse should give it a chance.

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