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Skinny Lister: The Devil, The Heart, The Fight


Londoners Skinny Lister beat the listener into smiling submission; it’s impossible not to find something to like or a toe to tap on this raucous and lively album.

The sound: imagine if Frank Turner played punk sea shanties. They’ve got the same earthy folk sound as Turner but with added concertina and tin whistle. The most Turner-like track is possibly Beat It From The Chest (which sounds as it sounds). They can also be Pogue-ish, most notably with songs like Hamburg Drunk or even a bit Adam And The Antish.

Anyone who went to Rode Hall’s Just So festival would have seen them there, and this album was apparently put together while on the road, and recorded over five weeks in Newcastle-Under-Lyme’s Silk Mill Studio in May with producer Tristan Ivemy, who has worked with Turner.

With the exception of the five weeks recording the album, Skinny Lister have spent the last 18 months touring and this match fitness can be heard on the album.Not much to say: Frank Turner meets The Pogues, a lot of fun.


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