Fleetwood: Mac Mirage


The Mac is a machine and that machine has a sound, very evident on this re-release.

Mirage (1982) followed 1979’s edgier Tusk but came before the generally better Tango In The Night, which we remember being hailed as a return to form.

That Mac machine sounds like it always does, but only firing on one cylinder. To call Mirage soft rock is to give it serious benefit of the doubt. It’s as bland as daytime television. The pedestrian Oh Diane is the standout song and even that’s at the wetter end of the Mac spectrum.

Wikipedia reports that the Mirage tour set list had 22 songs, of which only four (Eyes Of The World, Gypsy, Love In Store and Hold Me) were from the album the tour was promoting. Says it all.

The expanded edition of this includes outtakes and rarities. Some nice guitar work from Mr Buckingham, mind.

Purchase from your local record store or click on the link…


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