Phil Collins: The Singles


It’s Phil Collins. It’s the singles. What more do you need to know? Avuncular Phil has drawn a stickman (sticksman?) playing drums on the cover to pretend it’s not just a hits package coming out before Christmas.

The collection shows why Collins is vastly under-rated as a talent: if the Press hadn’t mocked him so much he’d be Sir Phil and a national treasure. On the double CD version we have here, there are about 40 classic tunes, nearly all written and played by Uncle Phil. It shows why he dominated the charts for so long, perhaps too long.

It opens with Easy Lover, though of course In The Air Tonight is on, too, as are songs from Sussudio to Another Day In Paradise. If we had to moan: it’s heavy on the slow ballad, but for many of you, these songs are in your blood. The triple CD set has all his 45 hit singles.


Three CD version:

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