Green Day: Revolution Radio


We never really got into the whole Green Day thing. They were a decent punk band with albums that were good in places, but we suspect the success of American Idiot surprised them.

Dookie shifted 20m copies but at the time of Idiot they were winding down and not getting on. American Idiot was a last gasp, though they knew it was good before it shipped. Despite it being their most famous work today, it sold less than Dookie. After that they seemed to lose the way: ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, ¡Tré! were punk by numbers.

 Revolution Radio is better than those three, but it’s basically Green Day making a Green Day album. Fans will like it, everyone else can probably live without it.

Not that it’s bad or anything; Billie Joe Armstrong is too talented for that. Opener Somewhere Now goes from A More Than A Feeling style acoustic intro to a cross between Rush and punk. The single Bang! Bang! is as explosive as it sounds, and the band at its best, at least musically; the lyrics are bog standard rock vague.

The title track and songs like Outlaws could have been written by a computer trawling through Green Day’s catalogue and picking out the most typical sounds, though.

Buy this:

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