Mac Miller: The Divine Feminine


We’d heard of Mac Miller before, when a younger member of the Review Corner started raving about him. From what we could gather, he was one of those white male hip-hoppers who sings party songs for college boys. Not really our cup of tea. This new album is supposed to be a different direction for him, as evidenced by the fact that our Review Corner Mac fan commented that he’d “gone all weird”. By weird, he meant it has tunes and, musically at least, is a nice album, with lots of funky, soulful melodies that go down well.

Unfortunately, it’s ruined by the most asinine of lyrics which, despite the implied titular intention, seem to revolve around Mr Miller having crude sex with lots of women. The music is sophisticated but the lyrics the complete opposite, the ramblings of a juvenile trying to impress his older mates. It doesn’t necessarily spoil the album, it just means you can’t play it when anyone who is easily offended is around, which is a shame.

Buy this:

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