This Wild Life: Low Tides

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We occasionally compare an album of sumptuous pop/rock to Manchester band Longview.

Their debut (and only) album Mercury was released in 2003 and it was great. They wrote soaring pop tunes about lurrrve, and had some success on television soundtracks, but never did as well as they should, and split. With song titles such as Electricity, When You Sleep, Falling For You and Falling Without You, you get the picture: boy meets girl, boy falls in love, boy gets soppy, boy stares at girl a lot. Their music was emotional pop with great harmony; a bit like Embrace but not so serious.

This Wild Life are not just like Longview, they’re treading exactly the same ground. They apparently started off playing pop/punk but their fans liked the soppier tunes more and they turned to this loved-up rock/pop (though they look like they should be in a punk band with Frank Carter).

Musically it’s stirring and emotional, lyrically it’s simple but very personal. They rhyme “California” and “I hardly know ya” so don’t expect Bob Dylan. But when you’re in love, it’s the thought that counts. An enjoyable album.

(Band photo: Rowan Daly).

Be Wild: purchase here…

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