Jeremy Loops: Trading Change


Mr Loops is somewhere between Ed Sheeran, as in acoustic-based pop, and he uses loops a lot (as one would expect), and the dreaded Mumfords — it’s the kiss of death to use the M word in a review now — but it’s banjo-centric and has the bouncy feel of the Mumfords at their best.

He also reminded us those skater/stoner bands from a few years back, such as OPM — you might not remember them but you will remember Heaven Is A Half Pipe.

OPM played music that was generic but catchy with a happy sound and a chilled vibe, combining pop and a bit of reggae with rapped sections. Loops pulls off a similar trick, mixing up the styles while sounding like Ed Sheeran and throwing in some spoken/rapped sections.

We’ve played this quite a lot and it should be said that it’s a little thin, so while it’s immediately accessible it’s also an album you’ll perhaps tire of, though that will be after playing at a number of times and it’s fun while it lasts.

Having said that, when we tire, it’s always rescued by The Gypsy Opera, a lively and fast song based on a Bizet tune and allowing Loops to show off his playing.

Background: it’s the South African singer-songwriter’s first LP and he’s is an award-winning folk musician over there; this went in the SA charts at number one.

Order here:

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